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Direct-Marketing Secrets to Upselling Your Buyers

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Upselling, or selling something to your buyer after their initial purchase, is often the lifeblood of any direct-marketing company.

And what I’m about to tell you is a brain-dead secret that’s so simple, it’s not even funny. Yet, using this strategy will increase your sales, dramatically.


O.K., here goes: Conventional wisdom says otherwise, but I will tell you flat-out, to ALWAYS present your most expensive offer first.

See, most people present their smallest offer first, and then they escalate upwards to their next highest-priced offer, and then up again to their highest offer.

And this is why most of your customers take the lowest or “maybe” the middle offer. See, when you go from small to large, customers have to talk themselves “into” spending more money. But when you present your top-dollar offer first, then… your customers are faced with the unpleasant task of having to talk themselves “out” of getting more value.

And who wants to get less value, right?

Also, unless you have a rapport with your customers, or unless you’ve tested your offers, I limit the number of choices in my offers to two. Three choices presents too much confusion, and confusion leads to disconnect. And of course, disconnect leads to no sale being made.

The proof here is in the pudding. On every offer I run, either for myself or for my clients, upwards of 90 to 100% of all buyers opt for the higher-priced item, simply because of this strategy. I kid you not.

Of course, the offers are solid and the value proposition is there, but nevertheless, with percentages like this, can you imagine how much money you’re leaving on the table if you’re NOT doing this?

Look, most people will disagree with this, and they’ll tell you to do it the other, more conventional way. Meaning, to go “up” in price with each option you present. But following conventional wisdom is only going to get you conventional results.

And besides, the numbers don’t lie. Upselling is a critical direct-marketing strategy that can mean the difference between having loads of cash-flow coming in, and just getting by, so make sure you don’t ignore this concept.

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Search Engine Marketing – Blogging is an Effective Way to Advertise and Advance Your Small Business

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If you own a small business, you need to find ways to distinguish your business from your peers as well as larger competitors in your industry.

An effective way to advertise a business involves being open and public about its essence. People prefer to buy from recognizable sources. Here, we discuss how blogging helps you interact with public, speak about your business and attain recognition for your company.

Inexpensive Marketing: Updating your Website regularly or using traditional means of advertising is expensive and you may need assistance from IT folks in your company. However, similar updates can be provided regularly on a blog at almost no additional cost.
Direct Customer Feedback: Companies need feedback from their customers regarding their products, to assist them in developing their current and future business strategies. This feedback is obtained with the help of various marketing agencies, polls, surveys etc. Blogging, on the other hand, gives businesses an opportunity to obtain feedback directly from the customers. Companies may even get new ideas or suggestions regarding their products from the comments that customers leave on the blog. These comments also give very clear idea about the customer’s perspective.
Improved Search Engine Ranking: Search engines rank Websites based on their content. Higher the rank, better the chance that the Website will appear in search results. Writing regularly on your blog can result in better ranking and visibility for your blog, which in turn may provide better visibility to your Website on the internet. There is stiff competition in marketing on the internet. However, a small business can do as well as its high profile competitors by writing meaningful and original content in their blogs, irrespective of their financial status.
Personalized Marketing: Writing a blog helps you interact directly with your customers. You need not adopt conventional means like e-mails, writing on billboards, tradeshow booths etc. Writing regularly on daily basis on your blog gives better exposure and understanding of your business to your customers, and you get to understand them through their feedback and comments, forming a relationship with the customer, which is highly valued in the business world.
Corroborates your marketing: Conventional marketing techniques tell the customers only about the product and the company. However, blogs go a step further. They speak at great length about what you know and are a good way to demonstrate your expertise in your industry. Being considered an expert is in itself a great way to market your products and services.
Link to your products and services: Blogs are a great way to create links to your products and services. It helps in directing customers to make a purchase and improves search engine ranking of your site.
Blogging is an inexpensive but extremely effective way to market your small business and build your reputation as an expert in your industry. Create a blog and post regularly to build awareness about your brand and products.

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Direct Mail Advertising – Top Guidelines to Maximize Response to Marketing Campaigns

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Direct mail (DM) campaigns are an excellent way of advertising the products, services and offers of a business. They are not meant to sell the goods but to create leads for potential sales. They are truly effective if their content and delivery is planned and thought all the way through.

DMs are targeted at a specific section of people, either existing or potential customers. Here are some guidelines on how you can use them to your advantage and some things you should avoid.

Select a target audience carefully

Direct mails are not as costly as television ads, but you should use the money wisely. Examine the target audience carefully. Are they good candidates for buying again? Have they made sizeable purchases from your company before? It is a good idea not to distribute the mailing in one shot. Send it out to a small group of people and analyze the response. If the response is good, distribute the rest of the mailers.

Test the direct mail

The copy of the direct mail should be exciting and intriguing so that it compels readers to read through it. Use the mailing on a small group to test the efficacy of the content. Many companies prefer sending postcard mailers as recipients will at least glance at it even though postcards do not offer much space for the advertisement. Direct mail in envelopes can be more elaborate, but they need more initiative from the reader, as in pulling the mailer out of the envelope.

Personalize the mailer

Direct mailing should be personalized. This makes customers feel valued and worthy of being addressed directly by the business. Address the customers by name in the mailer, make references to previous purchases or something similar to include a personal touch.

Start with the benefits

The direct mail should start with the benefits to customer. If readers do not see a gain immediately, there is a good chance they will not read the mailer. Grand finales do not have a place in direct mail copy.

Describe the benefits to the customer

Customers do not want to know about the exciting new features of your products and services unless they benefit from them in some way. Does the product save money? Does it save time? Does it make their life easier? The mailer should highlight the customer benefits of what you are promoting. Customers should feel that they would prosper by taking affirmative action.

Keep it simple and pertinent

Readers do not have the patience to read mail that is lengthy and looks complicated. Use readable format that includes a lot of whitespace. Avoid jargon and decorative phrases. The mail letter should be simple, succinct and contain only relevant information. Keep the focus on the benefits to customers and not on the greatness of your company.

Direct mails are a cost-effective and valuable means of marketing. However, they are only as effective as the time and thought that is put into their creation and release. Businesses are advised to follow the aforementioned guidelines to get the most out of direct mailings.

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How to Succeed With an Internet Marketing Blueprint

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Everyone is looking for that one final piece to the puzzle. That one crucial item that they are leaving out. You know, that secret that the pros use and don’t tell anybody about. Well, I can tell you that it’s not one piece, item or special secret that produce top earner results. It is, however, a winning internet marketing blueprint. So, my goal today is to give you some information about the different pieces that come together to give you a successful internet marketing blueprint.

1) Blog: First and foremost you are going to need a blog. Let me explain why this is such an important piece of the puzzle. A blog serves as your HUB. This is where everything comes to and flows from. So, if you have an article, video or any other type of CONTENT RICH marketing out there, it will bring you back to your blog. Take for instance, an individual does a Google search and comes across your article. This prospect reads your article, is impressed and follows the link to your blog. Up until the point of them going to your blog, you were just some person with a nice article. Now that they are on your blog, they are introduced to EVERYTHING related to your particular market/industry. Thus, positioning yourself as an expert in this field. Now, on the other side of the Marketing coin. Let’s say a prospect clicks on one of your ads of a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign and is taken directly to Landing Page. After your prospect is done with your Landing Page, I promise you that prospect is going to Google your name to find out who you are. Are they going to find anything? If you have a blog with lots of CONTENT RICH information they will. If not, you are just another talking head trying to take someone’s money. Be an expert and get a blog!

2) Landing Page: This is also known as a Capture Page or a Squeeze Page. This is basically your sales page. A prospect can find themselves on this page through multiple different avenues. Some marketers will have you link directly to their landing page from an article, video or other form of Marketing. This is completely up to you and depends on where you are trying to drive traffic and what you are trying to sell. Your Landing Page is not a blog! Your Landing Page does not have to be pretty. Your Landing Page does need to be a great piece of Sales writing. Let’s not mix words here, your Landing page and all of your marketing is sales! If it’s not it’s a waste of time. Your not in Marketing as a hobby, you’re in marketing to sell a product or help others sell a product. So understanding it is a sales process, your Landing page needs to entice your prospect to BUY NOW.

3) Auto Responders: Although we would all like to think everyone who goes to the landing page is going to buy, the truth is the vast majority will not. Somewhere along the way you have done a good enough job to actually get them to your landing page, so there is a certain amount of interest. It has been researched that most people need to see something up to 7 times before they make a purchase. So, since none of us are good with follow up, we need auto responders. And I can hear you now, “I pride myself on following up with everyone, I don’t need auto responders.” Really, these are the words of someone who doesn’t get 300-500 leads per week. If you’re keeping up with the follow up with all of those people, that has become your full time job. Go to and set up an account and get your auto responders in place. There’s nothing like making money in the middle of the night due to the work of the auto responders and the system.

Obviously with limited space I can’t go into great detail about a successful internet marketing blueprint. These are, however, some of the basics that ALL top producers have in place. Each one of these pieces serves a purpose of a larger goal. Use each of these pieces as they are meant to be used and you’ll be designing your own internet marketing blueprint. I hope this helps you on your Journey. Make sure to check back often to get more information. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

Dave Greenlee is a leader in Direct Sales and is always looking to help educate those looking for Success. Some have even said he’s a Jedi Knight. Okay, nobody said that, but he’s pretty cool nonetheless. Make sure you visit the blog to learn more and to have the opportunity to work directly with Dave.

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The Terrible Sin 97% of Online Marketers Are Repeating

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A lot of online marketers think that because they are not seeing any results in their network marketing or direct sales company, they are to blame when that is completely wrong! You see there real truth is regardless of what network marketing business you are in it all comes down to online marketing skills and how good you are at generating traffic leads and conversions!

The reason you are failing is because you are jumping from program to program and wasting money. Soon you will get frustrated and quit the industry!! You need to be consistent and stop jumping around trying to get in the latest matrix or whatever hype etc! The truth is that you need to market yourself and sell yourself and follow attraction marketing! Do not even mention your business opportunity your prospects do not care they are looking for help and training and a mentor that can point them in the right direction!!!!

So what you need to do is change your mindset and change direction as you wont see any results marketing your business opportunity upfront and jumping from program to program!!!

You need to learn the following skills which are essential if you want to succeed!

1.attraction marketing (sell yourself and market yourself)
2.1 specific marketing skill such as SEO, PPC, social media (get your content out there and get that traffic)
3.get good at copywriting (conversions)
4.Phone skills (conversions)

There is no excuse for not learning these 4 steps they are not rocket science the will just take your time to learn and practice so that you get really good at them!!

The reason I say you should change your mind set is because it can reallly hold you back. Forget about money and how much anyone else is making just get it out of your system!!

Your main focus should be helping people and getting your content out there. This is all you should be focusing on this is not a lottery game this takes time and everyone progresses at their own pace it is not a race!!!

You must understand of course that you do need a decent amount of traffic. Making 1 video a day will not get you the traffic you need to see any leads. I would say make 10 videos a day do 10 articles a day go on the the forums and keep consistent the traffic will build up and you will start seeing results its just a matter of patience and time!!!

And yes you can pay for banner advertising and ppc but make sure you are not throwing money at the problem. Learning PPC takes time and if you do not have a strong budget for it I would tell you to focus on free methods in the beginning! AS long as you are generating 10-20 leads a day you are doing very good and slowly you will build a leads list which you can market to again and again over time!!! This is another secret and your main asset which will never go away! As long as you learn the 4 steps mentioned above you will succeed there is not two ways about it!!!

Another tip is do not spam and try and cheat the internet such as article writing spinning software and twitter friend adder tools. I think this is not the way it should be done. If you can provide good content then there is no need to spam it. It is all about quality not quantity. It would be much better to write 10 articles a day then make 1 and spin it. It is all about quality content!!! This is what is going to make you stand out from the competition!!!

This is why in the beginning I tell newbies to forget about joing a network marketing or direct sale company. I tell them to learn the skills they need first and not to waste their money as a distributor when the companies are not teaching them how to market!!

I mean chasing family and friends will result in you having no friends and giving strain on your family. Buying leads wont work they are over used and there has been no relationship built no level of trust!! The others ones are flyers and postcard, this is not targeted traffic.

So stay within your budget and invest in learning! There are many successful marketers that use solely free strategies to market online!!! I hope this article has helped you understand what is really important and what you need to focus on to become successful!!! You must also know that most people will not even be looking to join your primary business so make sure your funded proposal is beefed up so that you will have something they really want!

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Affiliate Marketing Success – 3 Tips to Make Sure Your Business is Growing in the Right Direction

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You will be able to make good profits from the affiliate marketing business especially if you do not have your own product. If you want to get affiliate commissions on a regular basis, you will have to make sure that you are using the right strategy so that you will get more people to purchase the product that you are promoting. Here are the 3 tips you can use to make sure that you are growing your business in the right direction.

The 1st tip is to make sure that you are not directing the traffic straight to your affiliate link. The majority of the visitors that you have referred will not purchase the product as they are seeing it for the first time and they do not know whether you are trustable. Most of the product with decent sales letter will have at least 1% sales conversion. That means for every 100 targeted visitors you drive to your offer, you should get 1 sale. The problem is that 99 of them will leave your website and you will not be able to communicate with them.

The 2nd tips to build your own community of subscribers. You will want to create a squeeze page and drive the traffic to your squeeze page so that you can start building your own list. You will want to do it so that you will be able to continuously follow up with your subscribers so that you can build a good relationship with them and get more sales. Many marketers have used this method successfully and you will want to follow the proven method so that you can good results too.

The 3rd tip is to leverage on content marketing. Since the internet is created as a medium to share and gather information, you will want to make good use of it to drive the traffic to your website. Make sure that you do some market research first so that you will know the kind of content that the market is looking for. Once you have gathered all the information, it will be time for you to start writing the content and distribute widely across the internet. You will be able to convert your content into different medium like eBook report, video, podcast and more. Applying content marketing consistently will drive more consistent targeted traffic back to your website.

Here are the 3 tips that you want to apply to your business so that you can be sure that your business is progressing in the right direction. Work hard and smart for your business as you will soon start to see the positive results.

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Direct-Marketing Tips – How to Charge Higher Prices and Collect More Money – A Lot More Money

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When it comes to good direct-marketing tips, you never know where you’re going to find good lessons and creative ideas.
For example, every Sunday in my local paper, they have some kind of a spreadsheet comparing the cost of a basket of groceries at a few different supermarkets.

So one week, Publix might be the cheapest place to shop… and another week it’s Wal-Mart, and sometimes even the Super Target gets in there. I don’t know, I really don’t pay too much attention to the winner as much as I do the concept.

The thing is — and these are the little kinds of pearls of wisdom I’m always looking for — it’s very easy to get shopped around for prices when you’re selling the same thing as everyone else is.

When you’re a commodity, you can only charge “so much.”

After all, a gallon of milk’s a gallon of milk, regardless of where you buy it, right?

Same thing with Navel Oranges, Oreo cookies, and Windex, for the most part.

I mean, if you’re a price shopper, it’s kind of hard to justify spending twice the price on Windex when you can walk across the street and get it at half price, no?

But if you look at this from the outside in, this whole concept is very revealing. Because what this tells you is that if you want to charge (and collect) more money than your competition, then you have to be selling something different.

This completely removes any ability to “compare” prices.

So for instance, if you’re a music teacher, while most people are offering Music Lessons, you can create a “Professional Guitar School,” or a blues-guitar school, or a heavy metal guitar school where you “Make your students into metal Gods” or something like that.

If you’re a financial planner, and you’re mired in mutual funds and insurance products, you can sell a “Baby Boomer Freedom Plan.”

The point is, if you want to charge more money, the easiest way of doing this is by offering something different than what everyone else is offering.

After all, no matter how you cook ‘em… eggs… will always be eggs, regardless of what kind of direct-marketing you’re using.

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Lose Your Job – Use Direct Marketing to Sell Information Products and Never Work Again

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If you have recently lost your job to the huge downturn in the economy, you are definitely not alone. While people are stumbling over each other to go back to school and earn advanced degrees to become more “employable” you can join the silent minority that know the real secret to making serious cash. Read on to find out how you can start today and kiss that job goodbye.

There is so much hype about going back to school so that some day you can own your own business, but there is a much shorter route you can take and it’s perfect for the person interested in getting started in direct marketing. It’s called the information products industry. Its’s a quiet little group of direct marketers that are making a really decent living while selling digital products out of their homes to customers all over the world. When you sell information products, you have almost zero start-up costs, carry no inventory, and have no employees. You work as much or as little as you want, and the amount of work you put in equals the amount of money you make at the end.

It all starts with an idea. Using your own personal expertise (perhaps you have 10 years in a particular field) you have specific knowledge of how you can improve a process that others may also benefit from. All you have to do is record that information on audio, or type up a how-to course in a word-processor and you have an information product. To add value, you can combine different media formats and create an entire “course” that you can charge a lot more money for. Once you have your course, all you have to do is create a one-page web site with a direct marketing sales letter on the front and drive traffic to it.

The traffic generation is the hard part. You will want to grab the name and email address of each person coming to your site. Those leads are like gold and you will want to make sure they don’t forget about you. In order to maintain their attention you can create a weekly or monthly email that you send out with useful tips and in the body of the email you can suggest your own information product. Once you have obtained a large customer following with your direct marketing efforts, you can introduce new products and snowball your way into a information empire.

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Marketing Communications

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Marketing communications is referred to as the messages and the media used to relate those messages to the market. There are many ways in which you can communicate with the market namely through personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, publicity, advertising, direct marketing and so on. In this article, we shall look at a few of these methods.

Personal selling

Personal selling is referred to as a means of selling the product to the consumer personally. It was much easier to sell products in the last century than it is now. The basic philosophy of the seller is to sell products not as a peddler but as a consultant. For this, personal selling has become a viable tool as companies manipulate the emotion of the consumer to make them buy products.

Sales Promotion

This is a way in which the sale of a product can be increased. In this type of marketing communication, both the media as well as the non media are involved. Their goal is to increase the demand of the consumers, increase the number of products or stimulate the demand of the market within a limited predetermined amount of time. Some examples of sales promotion can be contest, rebate, free flights and even “point of purchase” displays.

Public Relations

This involves the managing of relations between a company and its customers. Public relations involve activities on the part of the company that do not directly lead to payment from its customers or the public. Some examples of public relations include press conferences, speaking in public meetings and communication with the employees.

The difference between Public Relations and Advertising is that while advertising has some tangible output, public relations is non tangible.


It is a means of promotion. It is through this means of marketing communication that companies attempt to manipulate the perception the public has of a particular brand. Publicity is generally done through some celebrity like a film star or politician. Services and goods and even works of entertainment and art and different organisations are also used for the purpose of publicity.


This is a form of marketing communication that involves two things. Firstly it includes the name of the service or the product and secondly, it narrates the benefit the product will give to the consumer. The main goal of advertising is to persuade a person to buy a product. Mass production has had a very important role behind the development of advertising. Advertising came to rise in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Direct Marketing

This is a relatively new type of marketing which involves looking for people within the target, and then communicating to them the details of the product.

There are two things that differentiate it from other types of marketing. The first thing is that it attempt to sell products directly to consumers. It does not use forms of media as an intervention to reach to its consumers. The second thing is that it rests on a “call to action” mechanism. This means that it stresses on the positive responses from the consumer, whatever be the medium.

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Direct Marketing With Promotional Postcards

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While the Internet and its capabilities has certainly taken center stage in the last few decades, old school ways to reach your potential customer base are still very valid. Direct marketing with postcards is a popular and lucrative method to get the word out about your products and services. While it’s not extremely complicated, you will see the best results by following a few simple rules of thumb.

There are several advantages to using postcards as a means of direct marketing. First, most junk mail is easily identified and often your message is thrown away before it is even seen by the majority of your targeted demographic. With a postcard, there is nothing obscuring the message that you are trying to send and it is much easier to grab the attention of a customer while you deliver your message. In addition, they are much more affordable to send. Postage costs are almost half of what you would spend to send a full sized brochure or press release.

There are quite a few common mistakes that are made when designing a postcard marketing campaign. The most common is to overload the small space with too much visual clutter. While you may have a dozen photographs that are in the running for the design, you definitely should err on the side of less is more. Visual clutter is overwhelming and it will cause your postcards to get thrown away before your message is ever received. One or two quality photos should be selected that will accent the content of your text and promotion. This leaves the intent of your message clear and the benefits can be discerned at a glance.

If you do find yourself with more pictures and ideas than you have the space for, you can certainly include several different designs in your mailing campaign. Maintain a balance between pictures and text on each one and ensure that the message is similar. You can then track the effect of each one and use that data to further perfect your next marketing campaign.

Another technique to use when sending a promotional mailing using a smaller canvas is the ability to track the effect of each wave of leads. One of the best ways to do this is to include a coupon or offer a special deal if the customer calls your home office. This provides real time feedback that no Internet marketing can claim. While it’s not a problem to track how many people are seeing or reading an Internet ad, it’s much more difficult to determine the effectiveness. With postcards, you can be sure that every marketing dollar reaches the intended audience and also see how many return as customers because of the effort.

Finally, you will most likely be working with a graphic design or marketing company to get your postcards out the door. While you certainly know the most about your own products and services, don’t be so stuck in any particular idea that you neglect to take the advice of the experts that you have hired. They are in the business of accomplishing appealing and affective design, so use that to your best advantage.

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