Direct Mail Advertising – Top Guidelines to Maximize Response to Marketing Campaigns

Direct mail (DM) campaigns are an excellent way of advertising the products, services and offers of a business. They are not meant to sell the goods but to create leads for potential sales. They are truly effective if their content and delivery is planned and thought all the way through.

DMs are targeted at a specific section of people, either existing or potential customers. Here are some guidelines on how you can use them to your advantage and some things you should avoid.

Select a target audience carefully

Direct mails are not as costly as television ads, but you should use the money wisely. Examine the target audience carefully. Are they good candidates for buying again? Have they made sizeable purchases from your company before? It is a good idea not to distribute the mailing in one shot. Send it out to a small group of people and analyze the response. If the response is good, distribute the rest of the mailers.

Test the direct mail

The copy of the direct mail should be exciting and intriguing so that it compels readers to read through it. Use the mailing on a small group to test the efficacy of the content. Many companies prefer sending postcard mailers as recipients will at least glance at it even though postcards do not offer much space for the advertisement. Direct mail in envelopes can be more elaborate, but they need more initiative from the reader, as in pulling the mailer out of the envelope.

Personalize the mailer

Direct mailing should be personalized. This makes customers feel valued and worthy of being addressed directly by the business. Address the customers by name in the mailer, make references to previous purchases or something similar to include a personal touch.

Start with the benefits

The direct mail should start with the benefits to customer. If readers do not see a gain immediately, there is a good chance they will not read the mailer. Grand finales do not have a place in direct mail copy.

Describe the benefits to the customer

Customers do not want to know about the exciting new features of your products and services unless they benefit from them in some way. Does the product save money? Does it save time? Does it make their life easier? The mailer should highlight the customer benefits of what you are promoting. Customers should feel that they would prosper by taking affirmative action.

Keep it simple and pertinent

Readers do not have the patience to read mail that is lengthy and looks complicated. Use readable format that includes a lot of whitespace. Avoid jargon and decorative phrases. The mail letter should be simple, succinct and contain only relevant information. Keep the focus on the benefits to customers and not on the greatness of your company.

Direct mails are a cost-effective and valuable means of marketing. However, they are only as effective as the time and thought that is put into their creation and release. Businesses are advised to follow the aforementioned guidelines to get the most out of direct mailings.

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