Direct Mail Tips

Direct mail is one of the oldest mass-marketing techniques that is still in use today. I’d bet that for most Americans, not a day goes by that they don’t receive at least one piece of mail advertisement selling them some product, service, or promise. The reason the amounts of mailers have not slowed down is because it is very effective. Direct mail testing and analysis have uncovered some great tips that can really increase the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign.

One of the most important pieces of this marketing method is the ‘call to action’. No matter what you are selling or promoting, you must very clearly tell your reader what they should do next. After reading your ad they should know what their next step is going to be. Should they call you for more information? Should they visit your website and place an order? Should they come to your shop? If you aren’t sure what the call to action is, you must very seriously first think about what you are trying to accomplish with your direct mail.

There are many tactics that you can use to enhance and entice your reader into taking action. One of the techniques we’ve had the most success with is including a coupon or discount code for them. We always try to make it seem very exclusive and rare as this makes it more attractive of a deal to the reader. Simple things such as adding the classic ‘dotted line’ around the coupon have proven very effective to us in converting readers into buyers.

Another great tip for a mail campaign is hand-addressing the envelope and using a real stamp. If we are working on a smaller campaign, for us it is usually worth it to hand write the address on the envelop as well as wet and stamp a real stamp on the envelope. Since most mail advertisements are not personalized in such a manner, handwriting and stamping really gives the piece an authentic look and entices the person checking the mail to open it. While it is very easy for us to disregard obvious pieces of direct mail, we feel that most people will not disregard a piece of mail if it clearly was addressed by hand.

These are some of our best tips for working with this very effective marketing campaign. There are many books, videos, and courses that teach many ‘tricks of the trade’ for making your campaign extremely effective. With the rise of spam, websites, and search marketing, many may believe that direct mail would be dying – however, the opposite is true. Direct mail has proven to be a way to cut through all of the other ‘noise’ and get right into your customers hands.

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