Direct Marketing Direct Marketing – Key Components of Direct Marketing

Only a few years ago, direct marketing meant sending out thousands of letters that included an advertising offer to customer or prospect address lists and sending them through the postal system. Bulk email marketing is e-version of yesterday’s direct marketing. Today, the only thing that has changed is the means of delivery. But all the other components remain the same.As in traditional direct marketing, the “list” is still a vital component of any successful bulk email marketing campaign. You need a list and the better the list, the better the results. If you don’t have a list, you better start building one now. In all events, your list should be an opt-in list – i.e. the recipients have indicated a willingness to receive promotional email.The “offer” is another vital component of today’s direct marketing. As in traditional mail marketing, the strong the offer, the better the results. Offers such as “FREE xxx” or “SAVE XX%” are more compelling than offers like “Click here for a brochure.”There are a variety of ways to send your promotional email. For smaller mailings, firms like MyEmma and Constant Contact are good suppliers. For larger mailings, firms such as Datran Media and Topica might be good choices.Finally, some would say the most important part of any direct marketing – traditional or bulk email marketing – is measurement. Make sure you can appropriate measure the results of any email promotion you send. Most emailing services will provide you simple metrics for “opens” and “click-throughs”. Some provide much more detailed statistics.

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