Direct Marketing With Promotional Postcards

While the Internet and its capabilities has certainly taken center stage in the last few decades, old school ways to reach your potential customer base are still very valid. Direct marketing with postcards is a popular and lucrative method to get the word out about your products and services. While it’s not extremely complicated, you will see the best results by following a few simple rules of thumb.

There are several advantages to using postcards as a means of direct marketing. First, most junk mail is easily identified and often your message is thrown away before it is even seen by the majority of your targeted demographic. With a postcard, there is nothing obscuring the message that you are trying to send and it is much easier to grab the attention of a customer while you deliver your message. In addition, they are much more affordable to send. Postage costs are almost half of what you would spend to send a full sized brochure or press release.

There are quite a few common mistakes that are made when designing a postcard marketing campaign. The most common is to overload the small space with too much visual clutter. While you may have a dozen photographs that are in the running for the design, you definitely should err on the side of less is more. Visual clutter is overwhelming and it will cause your postcards to get thrown away before your message is ever received. One or two quality photos should be selected that will accent the content of your text and promotion. This leaves the intent of your message clear and the benefits can be discerned at a glance.

If you do find yourself with more pictures and ideas than you have the space for, you can certainly include several different designs in your mailing campaign. Maintain a balance between pictures and text on each one and ensure that the message is similar. You can then track the effect of each one and use that data to further perfect your next marketing campaign.

Another technique to use when sending a promotional mailing using a smaller canvas is the ability to track the effect of each wave of leads. One of the best ways to do this is to include a coupon or offer a special deal if the customer calls your home office. This provides real time feedback that no Internet marketing can claim. While it’s not a problem to track how many people are seeing or reading an Internet ad, it’s much more difficult to determine the effectiveness. With postcards, you can be sure that every marketing dollar reaches the intended audience and also see how many return as customers because of the effort.

Finally, you will most likely be working with a graphic design or marketing company to get your postcards out the door. While you certainly know the most about your own products and services, don’t be so stuck in any particular idea that you neglect to take the advice of the experts that you have hired. They are in the business of accomplishing appealing and affective design, so use that to your best advantage.

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