How to Succeed With an Internet Marketing Blueprint

Everyone is looking for that one final piece to the puzzle. That one crucial item that they are leaving out. You know, that secret that the pros use and don’t tell anybody about. Well, I can tell you that it’s not one piece, item or special secret that produce top earner results. It is, however, a winning internet marketing blueprint. So, my goal today is to give you some information about the different pieces that come together to give you a successful internet marketing blueprint.

1) Blog: First and foremost you are going to need a blog. Let me explain why this is such an important piece of the puzzle. A blog serves as your HUB. This is where everything comes to and flows from. So, if you have an article, video or any other type of CONTENT RICH marketing out there, it will bring you back to your blog. Take for instance, an individual does a Google search and comes across your article. This prospect reads your article, is impressed and follows the link to your blog. Up until the point of them going to your blog, you were just some person with a nice article. Now that they are on your blog, they are introduced to EVERYTHING related to your particular market/industry. Thus, positioning yourself as an expert in this field. Now, on the other side of the Marketing coin. Let’s say a prospect clicks on one of your ads of a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign and is taken directly to Landing Page. After your prospect is done with your Landing Page, I promise you that prospect is going to Google your name to find out who you are. Are they going to find anything? If you have a blog with lots of CONTENT RICH information they will. If not, you are just another talking head trying to take someone’s money. Be an expert and get a blog!

2) Landing Page: This is also known as a Capture Page or a Squeeze Page. This is basically your sales page. A prospect can find themselves on this page through multiple different avenues. Some marketers will have you link directly to their landing page from an article, video or other form of Marketing. This is completely up to you and depends on where you are trying to drive traffic and what you are trying to sell. Your Landing Page is not a blog! Your Landing Page does not have to be pretty. Your Landing Page does need to be a great piece of Sales writing. Let’s not mix words here, your Landing page and all of your marketing is sales! If it’s not it’s a waste of time. Your not in Marketing as a hobby, you’re in marketing to sell a product or help others sell a product. So understanding it is a sales process, your Landing page needs to entice your prospect to BUY NOW.

3) Auto Responders: Although we would all like to think everyone who goes to the landing page is going to buy, the truth is the vast majority will not. Somewhere along the way you have done a good enough job to actually get them to your landing page, so there is a certain amount of interest. It has been researched that most people need to see something up to 7 times before they make a purchase. So, since none of us are good with follow up, we need auto responders. And I can hear you now, “I pride myself on following up with everyone, I don’t need auto responders.” Really, these are the words of someone who doesn’t get 300-500 leads per week. If you’re keeping up with the follow up with all of those people, that has become your full time job. Go to and set up an account and get your auto responders in place. There’s nothing like making money in the middle of the night due to the work of the auto responders and the system.

Obviously with limited space I can’t go into great detail about a successful internet marketing blueprint. These are, however, some of the basics that ALL top producers have in place. Each one of these pieces serves a purpose of a larger goal. Use each of these pieces as they are meant to be used and you’ll be designing your own internet marketing blueprint. I hope this helps you on your Journey. Make sure to check back often to get more information. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

Dave Greenlee is a leader in Direct Sales and is always looking to help educate those looking for Success. Some have even said he’s a Jedi Knight. Okay, nobody said that, but he’s pretty cool nonetheless. Make sure you visit the blog to learn more and to have the opportunity to work directly with Dave.

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