Lose Your Job – Use Direct Marketing to Sell Information Products and Never Work Again

If you have recently lost your job to the huge downturn in the economy, you are definitely not alone. While people are stumbling over each other to go back to school and earn advanced degrees to become more “employable” you can join the silent minority that know the real secret to making serious cash. Read on to find out how you can start today and kiss that job goodbye.

There is so much hype about going back to school so that some day you can own your own business, but there is a much shorter route you can take and it’s perfect for the person interested in getting started in direct marketing. It’s called the information products industry. Its’s a quiet little group of direct marketers that are making a really decent living while selling digital products out of their homes to customers all over the world. When you sell information products, you have almost zero start-up costs, carry no inventory, and have no employees. You work as much or as little as you want, and the amount of work you put in equals the amount of money you make at the end.

It all starts with an idea. Using your own personal expertise (perhaps you have 10 years in a particular field) you have specific knowledge of how you can improve a process that others may also benefit from. All you have to do is record that information on audio, or type up a how-to course in a word-processor and you have an information product. To add value, you can combine different media formats and create an entire “course” that you can charge a lot more money for. Once you have your course, all you have to do is create a one-page web site with a direct marketing sales letter on the front and drive traffic to it.

The traffic generation is the hard part. You will want to grab the name and email address of each person coming to your site. Those leads are like gold and you will want to make sure they don’t forget about you. In order to maintain their attention you can create a weekly or monthly email that you send out with useful tips and in the body of the email you can suggest your own information product. Once you have obtained a large customer following with your direct marketing efforts, you can introduce new products and snowball your way into a information empire.

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