Organic Marketing 101 – Mail Call

As a business owner, I make it a point to personally check what arrives in my mail box every day. Today, along with the usual assortment of bill and checks were: Three identical copies of a postcard from an accounting firm. None had my name. Three identical jumbo copies of a jumbo postcards from a courier company. Again none had my name. A folded sheet full of flyers. It would take 10 minutes just to sort through the stack.

So far everything has found its way to the round file under my desk.

Next, a beautiful catalog from a large mailing list source. Part of their offering actually competes with my business. This outfit is going to have an uphill battle trying to sell me. Coupons from an office supply store. Hmmm, some of these look good, but I generally shop at another store that’s closer.

And oh yes, the mailer from a well known bank. This mailer was done perfectly, personalized with a great incentive. But… as a former customer, they repeatedly broke my trust. No mailer, however well designed, no offer, no spin could bring me back.

We spend a lot of time on how to spin our pitch. How to convince others to make a decision. But that’s only one cell of our marketing organism. The cells either work together, or they go out of control. It’s called cancer. It won’t take much to have your mail labeled as junk. Mistakes like duplicate pieces, wrong or missing contact names, products or services mismatched to your mailing list are obvious blunders. Worse yet, if you break your customers’ trust, or even if your products and services fail to be clearly superior, even the best direct mail won’t help. Make sure your marketing is organic: pay attention to every part. It’s vital.

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