Lose Your Job – Use Direct Marketing to Sell Information Products and Never Work Again

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If you have recently lost your job to the huge downturn in the economy, you are definitely not alone. While people are stumbling over each other to go back to school and earn advanced degrees to become more “employable” you can join the silent minority that know the real secret to making serious cash. Read on to find out how you can start today and kiss that job goodbye.

There is so much hype about going back to school so that some day you can own your own business, but there is a much shorter route you can take and it’s perfect for the person interested in getting started in direct marketing. It’s called the information products industry. Its’s a quiet little group of direct marketers that are making a really decent living while selling digital products out of their homes to customers all over the world. When you sell information products, you have almost zero start-up costs, carry no inventory, and have no employees. You work as much or as little as you want, and the amount of work you put in equals the amount of money you make at the end.

It all starts with an idea. Using your own personal expertise (perhaps you have 10 years in a particular field) you have specific knowledge of how you can improve a process that others may also benefit from. All you have to do is record that information on audio, or type up a how-to course in a word-processor and you have an information product. To add value, you can combine different media formats and create an entire “course” that you can charge a lot more money for. Once you have your course, all you have to do is create a one-page web site with a direct marketing sales letter on the front and drive traffic to it.

The traffic generation is the hard part. You will want to grab the name and email address of each person coming to your site. Those leads are like gold and you will want to make sure they don’t forget about you. In order to maintain their attention you can create a weekly or monthly email that you send out with useful tips and in the body of the email you can suggest your own information product. Once you have obtained a large customer following with your direct marketing efforts, you can introduce new products and snowball your way into a information empire.

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Marketing Communications

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Marketing communications is referred to as the messages and the media used to relate those messages to the market. There are many ways in which you can communicate with the market namely through personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, publicity, advertising, direct marketing and so on. In this article, we shall look at a few of these methods.

Personal selling

Personal selling is referred to as a means of selling the product to the consumer personally. It was much easier to sell products in the last century than it is now. The basic philosophy of the seller is to sell products not as a peddler but as a consultant. For this, personal selling has become a viable tool as companies manipulate the emotion of the consumer to make them buy products.

Sales Promotion

This is a way in which the sale of a product can be increased. In this type of marketing communication, both the media as well as the non media are involved. Their goal is to increase the demand of the consumers, increase the number of products or stimulate the demand of the market within a limited predetermined amount of time. Some examples of sales promotion can be contest, rebate, free flights and even “point of purchase” displays.

Public Relations

This involves the managing of relations between a company and its customers. Public relations involve activities on the part of the company that do not directly lead to payment from its customers or the public. Some examples of public relations include press conferences, speaking in public meetings and communication with the employees.

The difference between Public Relations and Advertising is that while advertising has some tangible output, public relations is non tangible.


It is a means of promotion. It is through this means of marketing communication that companies attempt to manipulate the perception the public has of a particular brand. Publicity is generally done through some celebrity like a film star or politician. Services and goods and even works of entertainment and art and different organisations are also used for the purpose of publicity.


This is a form of marketing communication that involves two things. Firstly it includes the name of the service or the product and secondly, it narrates the benefit the product will give to the consumer. The main goal of advertising is to persuade a person to buy a product. Mass production has had a very important role behind the development of advertising. Advertising came to rise in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Direct Marketing

This is a relatively new type of marketing which involves looking for people within the target, and then communicating to them the details of the product.

There are two things that differentiate it from other types of marketing. The first thing is that it attempt to sell products directly to consumers. It does not use forms of media as an intervention to reach to its consumers. The second thing is that it rests on a “call to action” mechanism. This means that it stresses on the positive responses from the consumer, whatever be the medium.

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Direct Marketing With Promotional Postcards

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While the Internet and its capabilities has certainly taken center stage in the last few decades, old school ways to reach your potential customer base are still very valid. Direct marketing with postcards is a popular and lucrative method to get the word out about your products and services. While it’s not extremely complicated, you will see the best results by following a few simple rules of thumb.

There are several advantages to using postcards as a means of direct marketing. First, most junk mail is easily identified and often your message is thrown away before it is even seen by the majority of your targeted demographic. With a postcard, there is nothing obscuring the message that you are trying to send and it is much easier to grab the attention of a customer while you deliver your message. In addition, they are much more affordable to send. Postage costs are almost half of what you would spend to send a full sized brochure or press release.

There are quite a few common mistakes that are made when designing a postcard marketing campaign. The most common is to overload the small space with too much visual clutter. While you may have a dozen photographs that are in the running for the design, you definitely should err on the side of less is more. Visual clutter is overwhelming and it will cause your postcards to get thrown away before your message is ever received. One or two quality photos should be selected that will accent the content of your text and promotion. This leaves the intent of your message clear and the benefits can be discerned at a glance.

If you do find yourself with more pictures and ideas than you have the space for, you can certainly include several different designs in your mailing campaign. Maintain a balance between pictures and text on each one and ensure that the message is similar. You can then track the effect of each one and use that data to further perfect your next marketing campaign.

Another technique to use when sending a promotional mailing using a smaller canvas is the ability to track the effect of each wave of leads. One of the best ways to do this is to include a coupon or offer a special deal if the customer calls your home office. This provides real time feedback that no Internet marketing can claim. While it’s not a problem to track how many people are seeing or reading an Internet ad, it’s much more difficult to determine the effectiveness. With postcards, you can be sure that every marketing dollar reaches the intended audience and also see how many return as customers because of the effort.

Finally, you will most likely be working with a graphic design or marketing company to get your postcards out the door. While you certainly know the most about your own products and services, don’t be so stuck in any particular idea that you neglect to take the advice of the experts that you have hired. They are in the business of accomplishing appealing and affective design, so use that to your best advantage.

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Affiliate Marketing the Right Way

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Today, most popular methods and companies are growing their business with affiliate marketing. It aims to create a marketing chain to widen the marketing of products and services of the particular company to which it is associated with.

Affiliate Marketing is totally based on the Internet and a company is liable to pay rewards to affiliate, when any customer or visitor buys some products under his or her tracking id. The network of the affiliate marketing is very complex as it has multiple types of affiliates like; direct, indirect and third party. Hence the affiliates are given quite a free hand, when it comes to the marketing of products and services.

The direct affiliates

These affiliates offer their products to consumers on 1 – on – 1 basis and market their products themselves; they get a commission on the basis of the number of products sold. Slowly the direct affiliates try to increase their network by recruiting other affiliates and those affiliates are called the sub affiliates.

The sub affiliates

Sub affiliates stay with direct affiliates and try to produce new various ways of marketing and selling the products. So now the company pays a commission to the sub affiliates and also a percentage to the recruiters who are the direct affiliates.  And with the gradual increase in network and sales the commission for the affiliates also increases.

Having a knowledge of proper marketing and recruiting skills, the affiliate marketing can generates a huge revenue which in turn the merchant and also the affiliates.

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Understanding Marketing – An Overview of Strategies, Costs, Dangers and Risks

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What is Marketing?

Marketing is a business discipline through which the targeted consumer is influenced to react positively to an offer. This can relate to the purchase of a product or a service, the joining of an organization, the endorsement of a candidate or ideology, the contribution or investment in a cause or company, or a variety of other choices of response.

The marketer can use a number of techniques to reach the consumer which can be based on artistic or scientific strategies, or a combination of the two.

Usually, the consumer is identified as a member of a particular segment of the populace, known as a market. For example, markets can be defined by age, income, area of residence, home value, interest, buying habits, industry or profession, etc., which facilitates and simplifies the marketing process. Knowing to whom the marketing effort is appealing greatly assists the marketer in developing appropriate language, reasoning and incentives to find success in its marketing efforts.

Choosing to target a particular market as opposed to the entire universe also greatly controls marketing expenditures but also may limit response. If anyone anywhere can be a customer, sales expectations may be higher but marketing costs will certainly also need to be higher as well with such a huge target as its goal.

To address this dilemma, more creative means of marketing are sometimes utilized to assist with marketing message delivery. If what is being marketed is considered newsworthy and of public interest, editorial coverage in the media can greatly assist marketing efforts. Since this usually is not reliant on major marketing funds other than what is needed to support the development, distribution, and yes, marketing of press releases to editors and publishers, the advantages of such publicity can be priceless, albeit usually miraculous on such a large scale.

Marketing is everywhere!

Everywhere we turn, everything we do is somehow connected to marketing, whether we have been induced to participate in some activity because of it or develop an interest in some idea as a result of it. Whether we realize it or not, there are personal, political or commercial agendas cloaked as news we read in the paper, behind the books, movies and music we experience as part of our culture, and within the confines of our stores and supermarkets where we shop. Of course, we easily recognize the blatant marketing efforts that reach us through direct mail, media advertising, and all over the Internet including the spam we receive ad nauseum. Marketing has become one of the most all-pervasive elements of life and we are fools if we do not question the validity or innocence of everything we read, see and hear.

Marketing is communication and education!

In order to be successful in business marketing, the customer must be reached in a variety of ways. First of all, not every customer gets the daily paper or listens to local radio. We have limited knowledge of which TV station they may watch, where they shop, what roads they travel or where they dine. Depending on what we are marketing, we may have to utilize a whole assortment of avenues of marketing to get their attention. And, if we reach them just once, that is hardly enough to make a lasting impression. Marketing is necessary on a repeated basis in a diverse number of ways in an ever-changing presentation to assure that every customer can relate to it in some way, learn what we are offering and understand how it can benefit them. To achieve long-term customer loyalty, the targeted consumer needs to be coddled into familiarity with what we are selling so they feel it is something they truly want as opposed to having it forced upon them as something they desperately need, only to find out later they were tricked!

Marketing Sounds Expensive!

Yes, marketing can get pricey particularly if it is done on a consistent basis. But in today’s world, we have marketing options we never had even twenty or thirty years ago. Now, instead of paying for expensive printing and postage to mail a brochure or postcard to a targeted consumer, we can utilize email marketing, website presentations or online banner ads to reach the same market, usually at a fraction of the cost. Today, instead of buying expensive print advertising, we can work on improving our website’s SEO (search engine optimization) – (something we can do for free, if we are so inclined) so that people in need of what we offer can find us through Internet searches, rather than our trying to find them at an astronomical expense.

What About Social Media Marketing?

In addition to alternative marketing options already mentioned, there is the latest craze for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other incredibly popular social media where people, young and old, spend hours developing relationships with “friends” they may never have met or ever will meet. Yet they share intense secrets of their deepest thoughts and desires as well as actual photographic representations of the same which sometimes land people in trouble with the law, or at the very least, their employer, school or parents.

Whether social media marketing is a worthwhile endeavor for businesses remains to be seen since businesses rarely accumulate millions of followers the way celebrities do. But as a way for customers to interact with a business for which they may have developed a fondness cannot be disputed. Can this translate into more sales for the business? We’ll have to wait and see, while continuing to devote precious time to composing meaningful 140-character tweets and building a Facebook “persona” for the business. From this writer’s standpoint, the only worthwhile social medium for business is that of LinkedIn since it provides a serious platform on which to create a business résumé where anyone interested in your professional stature can quickly summarize your capabilities, experience and accomplishments.

Marketing Can Be Intuitive

Much of what becomes marketing strategy is based more on common sense than on some mysterious scientific formula. As we see on a daily basis in stock market gyrations as well as political leanings, the herd mentality rules. On any particular day, if the Japanese or European stock or bond markets are selling off for one reason or another, you can safely bet that the U.S. markets will follow suit. And in any political race, as we are witnessing in the U.S. presidential primaries, the more one candidate gains ground, baby step by baby step, the more likely that candidate will become the Party nominee. Today’s world is governed by a minute-by-minute opinion survey measured by the endlessly publicized polls where people see what other people are thinking and use those results to form their own opinions. Monkey see, monkey do. The same holds true for marketing.

If we are told that a certain brand of coffee is the leading brand in America, we will probably believe what we are told, assume it tastes best, perhaps buy it ourselves regardless of cost, and perhaps adopt it as our own favorite. All because we were told everyone else was doing it. Safety in numbers, as they say.

It is ironic that those who become successful marketers usually dwell on the outskirts of the herd, have a more astute grasp of mass psychology, and approach business and life in a more innovative, creative and unique way, a mindset they use to formulate the next marketing phenomenon. The world is made up of leaders and followers: a few choice leaders and a glut of followers. It takes a lot more gumption to become a leader than it does to join the herd. That’s why marketing is a profession based in psychological control by a choice few over the mindless masses who have no initiative or courage to decide for themselves.

What is the difference between marketing and selling?

Selling is one aspect of the greater process of marketing. Marketing begins long before the product or service is even ready to sell. Marketing encompasses the concept, naming, branding and promoting of the offer while selling is the much more individualized effort to convince a lead who has possibly responded to the marketing offer to make the purchase. You can’t have one without the other, at least not easily. Marketing is a process by which we strive to reach the final goal of making the sale. Without marketing, the sales process is extremely difficult because the entire onus of educating the consumer about the offer is on the shoulders of the sales representative. On the other hand, if marketing has been successful, the sales rep can waltz in knowing the consumer is well apprised of the offer and can work his magic to convert the prospect into a satisfied customer.

What are some of the instruments of marketing?

There are many ways to market an offer, some of which are expensive, and others of which can be free. The methods we use that cost us dearly may not work as well as some of those we receive as a gift. Among the costly ways are media advertising, direct mail, conference presentations, distribution of printed literature, online advertising, email marketing, etc. Of those that are free are efforts referred to as guerrilla marketing, which are things we do ourselves to spread the word, network and publicize what we are offering. This can include posting flyers on bulletin boards in supermarkets, libraries, delis, small shops, and government offices, etc. Every time we add a tag to our emails where people can click to go to our website, we are using guerrilla marketing at no cost. Making sure we are easily found in Internet searches through search engine optimization of our website or other online presence, is an excellent way to achieve free marketing. One way to do this is to register your company or organization on every possible free online directory in your industry, region or interest group which translates into exponential growth as time passes.

What is viral marketing?

Viral marketing (as it relates to the word “virus,” meaning contagious and capable of spreading) is another means of free promotion facilitated by shrewd decisions we can make to further our cause. The easiest way to define viral marketing is that which is communicated via “word-of-mouth.” Related to the herd mentality discussed above, if a friend or business acquaintance mentions a product or service in a favorable light, we will be much more inclined to remember it and check it out. This can happen in a business meeting, at a mall, at a soccer game or over lunch. However, since most of us spend so much time on the Internet, it can happen practically everywhere we turn by clicking on the “like” buttons on Facebook or the “1″ button on Google, among others. These are our personal endorsements where we give a “thumbs up” to something we have experienced and want to share with our friends so they too can enjoy it. Getting your offerings out with such buttons attached can result in viral marketing in your favor.

Viral marketing can have powerful repercussions as experienced by one client with an online auto accessories store. Many of his customers frequent online special interest forums related to the model of car they drive where members discuss products they have installed and the source of their purchase, followed by a link to his referenced website. Such referrals are repeated in other ensuing discussions, multiplying the number of links back to his site, increasing the power of his SEO and catapulting him to the tops of Internet searches for what he sells. He paid nothing for this phenomenon of parlayed good fortune except the daily effort he consistently expends to offer top quality merchandise and equally excellent customer service.

Do you need marketing?

If you are in business, of course you do. While you can attempt to do as much of it as you can on your own, it is advised that you begin with a reliable base of professional name, logo, website and search engine optimization to get started on the right foot. From there, you can work on promotion via guerrilla marketing and seek professional marketing services as needed for special needs, like a strong, effective ad to run, the development of professional sales literature to distribute at an upcoming show, or a direct mail promotion to your list of repeat customers, for example. Some business people choose to handle their own taxes to save on the cost of using an accountant for such critical functions at the risk of getting audited. Likewise, you can certainly attempt to produce marketing tools yourself but for long-term branding purposes and best return on investment, it is advisable to leave marketing development to the professionals.

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Use of Company Marketing Collateral Proves Worthwhile

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A surefire way to ensure your new business never gets off the ground is to make your own marketing material. Sure there are exceptions to every rule and I have seen some very professional looking home made business cards, fliers, brochures, etc. Yet those rare cases are not the norm. For the most part, homemade marketing collateral screams amateur and hobbyist.

Whereas, the marketing materials your direct sales company provides are valuable tools available for direct sales consultants. Use the professional design and printing to portray an image of professionalism. Poor marketing causes more damage than no marketing at all, so take advantage of the pre-designed marketing material provided by your home office.

Catalogs are quite often the most common marketing tool your direct sales company will provide. Catalogs make great direct mail pieces to send to people on your prospects, past and present hostesses, and past and present customers. I’ve heard it argued that some consultants lament that they can’t afford to purchase the company provided marketing material. I contend that you can’t afford not to.

Whether it’s product literature or business opportunity information, use these marketing collateral to pass out at parties, to send home with people who have shown an interest in your products, to give out to store clerks, waitresses and others you encounter throughout the day.

If your company provides business cards take advantage of them. If you print your own using an inkjet printer and perforated card stock, it will reflect poorly and let potential customers and prospects know that you’re not running your business like a business. If your budget is tight during the start up phase, then Vista Print offers free business cards for the price of shipping. That is an acceptable method to start if you must, however company provided business cards really provide the best brand image.

If you sell a product that is conducive to offering samples, be sure to attach a sample to each of your business cards. We are a society who likes to touch, smell, feel and taste before we make a purchase.

Other marketing materials that your company may provide include:

Scripts for calling people to host a party and for contacting people who have been invited to a party. Use these scripts but make sure to make them your own. People will be able to tell if you’re just reading from a card. Use it as a guide, not a be-all-end-all.

Hostess packages. Some companies provide a complete hostess package with all the invitations, thank you cards, order forms and incentive and goal setting charts while others provide slightly less. Take advantage of these materials. They not only save you money and time, they provide a consistent message to everyone you come in contact with. The same rule applies to all of the marketing material – a business venture is not the place to make up your own crafted materials (unless you have talented marketing and graphic design abilities).

Also check for a template library that may be available for company sponsored images, campaign text and newsletters. Again, these materials will save you time and money and save you the embarrassment of trying to act professional but looking like a hobbyist.

Marketing will play a big role in your business success. Rather than spending countless hours and dollars creating your own marketing collateral for your direct sales business you can use the marketing materials provided by your direct sales company. It’s a quick and effective way to get your business up and running in no time – and they are tax deductible! Don’t scrimp; you’ll end up paying for it dearly.

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3 Time Tested Direct Marketing Strategies

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Did you know that there are all kinds of marketing strategies that you can use in your business to promote your products and services? It’s true. And a lot of these strategies can actually help you to land a sale or 2. But if you want the most bang for your buck, your best bet is to stick with only a handful of strategies that will bring you the most response.

So what are these “handful” marketing techniques? Well I’m glad you asked. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the techniques that can make you profitable in a short period of time. If you’re after sales, then I think you will want to take these strategies to heart. Here’s the first tip:

1) Direct mail

No matter what anyone tells you, direct mail works. Many businesses aren’t fazed by the growing costs of direct mail – because they know that it’s incredibly effective. The same successful rules of direct mail still apply today. You need a mailing list, a good offer, and a good sales letter if you want to get the job done.

Never attempt to get a list from the phone book or a list broker. If you don’t know how to write a sales letter, hire a copywriter or study copywriting in your spare time to learn the ins and outs of it. Direct mail can be pretty profitable, so don’t let costs deter you from using this technique. Here’s another strategy that you can use:

2) Newspaper advertising

Did you know if you were to run 2 of the same ads in a newspaper at once, that both of them will get response? It’s true, because not everybody reads just one section of the newspaper. Where you think your target audience may be located in the newspaper, you will get responses. But you will also get responses from other areas of the newspaper also.

Consider advertising in sports or movie sections of the newspaper. It all depends on what your target market is searching for on that particular day. Newspaper advertising works, and you may even want to consider doing advertorials. In fact, let’s discuss advertorials for a second.

3) Advertorials

An advertorial is an ad that looks like an article. To pull this off, you have to study the structure and style of the articles in the newspaper or magazine you want to advertise in. Depending on where you advertise, some publications will put a word about your ad to let their readers know that it’s an advertisement. The word that they usually use is “advertisement”.

Nevertheless, they can still be very effective. Take your time when writing your advertorial, and if you can find samples of others, see if you can emulate the tone of those advertorials. The more practice you get, the more you’ll be able to make your advertorial work for you.

Use these 3 marketing strategies to have the kind of business success that you dream of in your business.

Good luck with using these strategies today.

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Direct Mail Tips

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Direct mail is one of the oldest mass-marketing techniques that is still in use today. I’d bet that for most Americans, not a day goes by that they don’t receive at least one piece of mail advertisement selling them some product, service, or promise. The reason the amounts of mailers have not slowed down is because it is very effective. Direct mail testing and analysis have uncovered some great tips that can really increase the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign.

One of the most important pieces of this marketing method is the ‘call to action’. No matter what you are selling or promoting, you must very clearly tell your reader what they should do next. After reading your ad they should know what their next step is going to be. Should they call you for more information? Should they visit your website and place an order? Should they come to your shop? If you aren’t sure what the call to action is, you must very seriously first think about what you are trying to accomplish with your direct mail.

There are many tactics that you can use to enhance and entice your reader into taking action. One of the techniques we’ve had the most success with is including a coupon or discount code for them. We always try to make it seem very exclusive and rare as this makes it more attractive of a deal to the reader. Simple things such as adding the classic ‘dotted line’ around the coupon have proven very effective to us in converting readers into buyers.

Another great tip for a mail campaign is hand-addressing the envelope and using a real stamp. If we are working on a smaller campaign, for us it is usually worth it to hand write the address on the envelop as well as wet and stamp a real stamp on the envelope. Since most mail advertisements are not personalized in such a manner, handwriting and stamping really gives the piece an authentic look and entices the person checking the mail to open it. While it is very easy for us to disregard obvious pieces of direct mail, we feel that most people will not disregard a piece of mail if it clearly was addressed by hand.

These are some of our best tips for working with this very effective marketing campaign. There are many books, videos, and courses that teach many ‘tricks of the trade’ for making your campaign extremely effective. With the rise of spam, websites, and search marketing, many may believe that direct mail would be dying – however, the opposite is true. Direct mail has proven to be a way to cut through all of the other ‘noise’ and get right into your customers hands.

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Direct Response Marketing, Yesterday and Today

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My first exposure to Direct Response Marketing was way back in the fifties. I read an ad
in a Superman comic book. It was about a 90 pound weakling who wasn’t strong enough to
defend himself against a muscle bound bully. He decided he would change that and become so
strong no bully could bother him; and he did just that. The ad said if I sent him a dime,
he would teach me how. I didn’t weigh any where near 90 pounds but I wanted to be strong,
so I sent Charles Atlas my dime.

A few weeks later I received his reply. I could build a strong body by using his Dynamic
Tension Program. All I had to do was send him, what seemed to me at the time, an enormous
amount of money. Well since I was maybe 10 years old and didn’t have an enormous amount of
money, I never learned about Dynamic Tension.

I did however, get my ten cents worth. I learned what Direct Response Marketing was
although at the time I didn’t know what it was called. Basically Direct Response Marketing
is simply offering something free or at a low cost. When they request whatever it is you
are offering, you present them with a sales offer.

Back in those days, there wasn’t any email or Internet. Television was just in its infancy. So, most of the Direct Response Marketing was done by using print media and the U.S. Mail service.

Around that time, I was a very curious kid. I mean some stranger made 10cents from me and
I wanted to learn how to do it too. I learned about the two step concept. If you had a
product you wanted to sell for $10.00, you had two ways to advertise the product.

The first way was to advertise the product and show them the price. People would send you
a check for the product. That was known as the one step method.

The second way was to offer something for free, or just ask them to write to you for more
information. The information you sent was your sales materials. This was the two step

Things haven’t changed much. The technology is different but the basics of Direct Response
Marketing remain the same.

Yester year, the two main tools of the Direct Response marketer were the print media and
the post office. Today, although marketers are still using print media and the postal
service, the Internet and television has a larger share of the ad revenue and credit cards
have pretty much replaced the customer mailing in a check to make the purchase.

Over the years I have seen all types of Direct Response business and practices. I have
looked at hundreds and hundred of “work from home” business opportunities. Most of what
you see on the Internet is just plain junk. Scams abound. I have to admit, even with all
of my years of experience, I too have fallen prey to some of these worthless opportunities.

However, even though I lost money on some of these so called work from home opportunities,
just like when I mailed my dime to Charles Atlas and never became a body builder, I learned
from the experience.

For much of my life I was in the Ministry. I served as Executive Director of several non-
profit agencies. I raised most of the funding using Direct Response Marketing. I mailed
out a Newsletter every month. Enclosed in the Newsletter was a postage-paid envelope for
the recipient to mail in a contribution.

One of the things that I have always credited my success to, whether in the “for profit” or
the “non profit” sector was operating whatever I was doing with integrity. For example the
only thing I knew about Spam back then was it was a not-so-tasty canned meat product.
However, I never sent my Newsletter to people unless they asked to be on my mailing list.
Sure, I could have purchased the names of known donors to other charities. I just chose
not to do that.

Another thing I learned in the ministry was the importance and great satisfaction you get
from helping others. As the pastor of a church I enjoyed teaching. As a work from home
entrepreneur I enjoy teaching. My church grew in numbers largely because of my teaching
ministry. My Direct Response business I operate from my home is also all about teaching
others to succeed.

Today I am active with a work from home business. I still only contact people who have
expressed an interest in the products I am selling or the business I am involved with. I
do not buy leads that are of people who just expressed an interest in a home business. The
only way to get on my list is to either ask me about one of my products or about my
business opportunity.

Of course that is easy for me. My Direct Response Marketing is done with television
infomercials. People see a product on one of the infomercials, they call the toll free
number, My phone rings, they buy a product and I make money. I don’t have to
contact anyone that has not expressed an interest in what I have to offer.
That’s Direct Response Marketing today.

I didn’t like spam (the canned meat) back then and I don’t like spam (Unsolicited
Commercial Email) now.

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Direct Selling Tips

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Whether you’re brand new to direct sales or a seasoned pro, I want to offer you some direct selling tips that I have put together. It is my hope that these tips will help you identify areas for improvement. In the business of direct marketing, if you’re not constantly honing your skills and techniques, you’re losing ground. Some of these tips apply directly to key direct marketing concepts. Some are aimed at getting you committed to taking daily, focused action. Let’s get going:

1. Be committed. Make a commitment to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes. Don’t be like so many others who have called it quits within inches of success. In direct selling, just as in any profession, the people at the top did not get there overnight. Resolve yourself to the fact that you will not get there in a day, but you will get there.

2. Don’t sell to people. This may sound ridiculous, but be aware of how you present yourself to people. If you are trying to sell them on your direct marketing opportunity, you’ve got it all wrong. You have to let them decide for themselves if your direct marketing opportunity is for them, don’t try to cram it down their throat. Someone who is “sold” on the idea of direct marketing will not have the dedication to overcome obstacles when the inevitable challenges arise. The person who decided for themselves that direct marketing was for them will be unstoppable.

3. Build lasting relationships. This is key to achieving long term success in direct marketing. Make sure that you are building a team that will work together for years to come. Focus on bringing in quality people that are as dedicated as you so that together you can build an effective team. Look for someone who will be your partner in building your business for the next 30 years, not the next 30 days.

4. Foster a family environment on your team. Your team members will be your primary support system in direct marketing, since they understand better than anyone the challenges you will face as well as the rewards you reap. Remind everyone that you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself. When someone on your team hits a roadblock, it should be the team that pulls together to help them overcome it.

5. Be resolute and deliberate in your actions. This sounds easy but it trips up more people than you think. To achieve success in direct marketing, you have to take action every day. One concept you need to get your head around is this: Someone will succeed. Someone will be able to live the life they’ve always dreamed of, will be able to retire early, travel, or anything else their heart desires. It’s up to you who that person is. If you don’t take action, I guarantee it will not be you.

I hope that you’ll take to heart the direct selling tips I’ve outlined here. In my experience as a leader in the field, I’ve seen too many people fail from not following the simple steps I’ve shared with you. Incorporate these into your business and you’ll be ahead of 95 percent of the other direct sellers out there. Implementing these can truly catapult you into that coveted top five percent.

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