The 3 Things That You Can Do Today to Join the Ranks of the Elite Online Marketers

The home based business opportunities (in the form of online marketing, internet marketing, direct sales, affiliate marketing, network marketing, Multi Level Marketing) is experiencing massive growth driven in part by the current economic recession but also by a new breed of entrepreneurs who are looking to achieve financial, time & relationship freedom without using the traditional route (franchise, brick & mortar businesses etc…) to reach those goals and who also realize that by leveraging the internet and learning how to market online, they can shave off a considerable amount of time from their learning curve and from the time that it will take to achieve those goals. The sad part is that only a small minority (3%) are reaping the benefits of this exponential growth and it should not be that way because what separates the 3%ers from the 97%ers are things that can be easily learned, acquired and applied. So in this article I touch on the 3 things that I see as important for anyone who is in this industry and who is ready to join the Elite Marketers and reap the tremendous rewards that this industry has to offer. These factors are: 1. Level of Certainty
That the goal that they set out to achieve will become reality. Initially; very few people have high level of certainty but the key is to delve into mindset and personal development, goal visualization from day 1 and to surround yourself with other leaders in this industry so that you can soak up the social proof of this industry’s success. The visualization and the social proof will gradually dispel the disbelief and increase your level of certainty. The higher the level of certainty; the more committed you will be to putting forth massive and consistent money making activities. The longer you wait, the less certain of your success you will be and, the less productive you will be and the more uncertain you will become and over time the more disappointed & critical of the industry. Do you see the vicious cycle caused by lack of certainty? Don’t let it touch you even a bit; work on increasing your level of certainty from day 1. Certainty propels you to action which produces results and strengthens your certainty or faith in your results. Remember, faith (being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see) moves you out of your comfort zone into taking bold, decisive, life changing actions. Feed Faith daily. 2. Daily method of operation
It is not what you do; but it is what you do DAILY that makes THE difference in your business. This is crucial because those who succeed do the money making activities daily while those who do not succeed do the same activities some time or even most of the time. The key is consistent, focused money making activities day after day after day! Remember drops of water falling one by one on a stone gradually create a hollow. Focused, consistent money making activities will bring you hoards of leads & sales. 3. How to build and lead your Team
Build & Lead your Team with Absolute Integrity, unbridled honesty about what it takes to succeed in this industry. Lay out the actions that your members will need to do on a daily basis to be successful in your company. By being upfront and honest about this not only are you doing the right thing, but you are also respecting the intelligence and the judgment of your team members who are best suited to decide whether your opportunity is the right one for them and whether you are the right mentor for them. This will in turn ensure that you recruit the right prospects and work efficiently as a mentor. Also as a leader/mentor, you take a stand for the greatness of your team members by calling out excuses and pointing out that excuses do not make money, and trusting their leadership (trust that they will step up to the plate and do the tasks that draw them closer to their goals)In this article I am assuming that you are using the attraction marketing model in developing your business. If you are not, you are building your business the hard & ineffective way and none of the pointers that I mentioned above will help you. To learn the marketing strategies, tools, mindset from a generic attraction marketing model that will work with any network marketing business, visit: []

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