The Terrible Sin 97% of Online Marketers Are Repeating

A lot of online marketers think that because they are not seeing any results in their network marketing or direct sales company, they are to blame when that is completely wrong! You see there real truth is regardless of what network marketing business you are in it all comes down to online marketing skills and how good you are at generating traffic leads and conversions!

The reason you are failing is because you are jumping from program to program and wasting money. Soon you will get frustrated and quit the industry!! You need to be consistent and stop jumping around trying to get in the latest matrix or whatever hype etc! The truth is that you need to market yourself and sell yourself and follow attraction marketing! Do not even mention your business opportunity your prospects do not care they are looking for help and training and a mentor that can point them in the right direction!!!!

So what you need to do is change your mindset and change direction as you wont see any results marketing your business opportunity upfront and jumping from program to program!!!

You need to learn the following skills which are essential if you want to succeed!

1.attraction marketing (sell yourself and market yourself)
2.1 specific marketing skill such as SEO, PPC, social media (get your content out there and get that traffic)
3.get good at copywriting (conversions)
4.Phone skills (conversions)

There is no excuse for not learning these 4 steps they are not rocket science the will just take your time to learn and practice so that you get really good at them!!

The reason I say you should change your mind set is because it can reallly hold you back. Forget about money and how much anyone else is making just get it out of your system!!

Your main focus should be helping people and getting your content out there. This is all you should be focusing on this is not a lottery game this takes time and everyone progresses at their own pace it is not a race!!!

You must understand of course that you do need a decent amount of traffic. Making 1 video a day will not get you the traffic you need to see any leads. I would say make 10 videos a day do 10 articles a day go on the the forums and keep consistent the traffic will build up and you will start seeing results its just a matter of patience and time!!!

And yes you can pay for banner advertising and ppc but make sure you are not throwing money at the problem. Learning PPC takes time and if you do not have a strong budget for it I would tell you to focus on free methods in the beginning! AS long as you are generating 10-20 leads a day you are doing very good and slowly you will build a leads list which you can market to again and again over time!!! This is another secret and your main asset which will never go away! As long as you learn the 4 steps mentioned above you will succeed there is not two ways about it!!!

Another tip is do not spam and try and cheat the internet such as article writing spinning software and twitter friend adder tools. I think this is not the way it should be done. If you can provide good content then there is no need to spam it. It is all about quality not quantity. It would be much better to write 10 articles a day then make 1 and spin it. It is all about quality content!!! This is what is going to make you stand out from the competition!!!

This is why in the beginning I tell newbies to forget about joing a network marketing or direct sale company. I tell them to learn the skills they need first and not to waste their money as a distributor when the companies are not teaching them how to market!!

I mean chasing family and friends will result in you having no friends and giving strain on your family. Buying leads wont work they are over used and there has been no relationship built no level of trust!! The others ones are flyers and postcard, this is not targeted traffic.

So stay within your budget and invest in learning! There are many successful marketers that use solely free strategies to market online!!! I hope this article has helped you understand what is really important and what you need to focus on to become successful!!! You must also know that most people will not even be looking to join your primary business so make sure your funded proposal is beefed up so that you will have something they really want!

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