Use of Company Marketing Collateral Proves Worthwhile

A surefire way to ensure your new business never gets off the ground is to make your own marketing material. Sure there are exceptions to every rule and I have seen some very professional looking home made business cards, fliers, brochures, etc. Yet those rare cases are not the norm. For the most part, homemade marketing collateral screams amateur and hobbyist.

Whereas, the marketing materials your direct sales company provides are valuable tools available for direct sales consultants. Use the professional design and printing to portray an image of professionalism. Poor marketing causes more damage than no marketing at all, so take advantage of the pre-designed marketing material provided by your home office.

Catalogs are quite often the most common marketing tool your direct sales company will provide. Catalogs make great direct mail pieces to send to people on your prospects, past and present hostesses, and past and present customers. I’ve heard it argued that some consultants lament that they can’t afford to purchase the company provided marketing material. I contend that you can’t afford not to.

Whether it’s product literature or business opportunity information, use these marketing collateral to pass out at parties, to send home with people who have shown an interest in your products, to give out to store clerks, waitresses and others you encounter throughout the day.

If your company provides business cards take advantage of them. If you print your own using an inkjet printer and perforated card stock, it will reflect poorly and let potential customers and prospects know that you’re not running your business like a business. If your budget is tight during the start up phase, then Vista Print offers free business cards for the price of shipping. That is an acceptable method to start if you must, however company provided business cards really provide the best brand image.

If you sell a product that is conducive to offering samples, be sure to attach a sample to each of your business cards. We are a society who likes to touch, smell, feel and taste before we make a purchase.

Other marketing materials that your company may provide include:

Scripts for calling people to host a party and for contacting people who have been invited to a party. Use these scripts but make sure to make them your own. People will be able to tell if you’re just reading from a card. Use it as a guide, not a be-all-end-all.

Hostess packages. Some companies provide a complete hostess package with all the invitations, thank you cards, order forms and incentive and goal setting charts while others provide slightly less. Take advantage of these materials. They not only save you money and time, they provide a consistent message to everyone you come in contact with. The same rule applies to all of the marketing material – a business venture is not the place to make up your own crafted materials (unless you have talented marketing and graphic design abilities).

Also check for a template library that may be available for company sponsored images, campaign text and newsletters. Again, these materials will save you time and money and save you the embarrassment of trying to act professional but looking like a hobbyist.

Marketing will play a big role in your business success. Rather than spending countless hours and dollars creating your own marketing collateral for your direct sales business you can use the marketing materials provided by your direct sales company. It’s a quick and effective way to get your business up and running in no time – and they are tax deductible! Don’t scrimp; you’ll end up paying for it dearly.

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